Gum Disease Coventry: Expert Treatment for Bleeding Gums and Gum Infections

Are you experiencing bleeding gums or do you suspect you may have a gum infection? Shiraz Endodontic Practice in Solihull, near Coventry, is a referral dental practice for gum infection treatment. Our trained specialists offer exceptional care and effective treatment options for a wide range of gum conditions. With advanced technology and a focus on patient comfort, we are here to help you on your journey to achieving optimal gum health.

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a common condition affecting the gums and surrounding tissues. It is caused by the build-up of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth. If not adequately removed through regular brushing and flossing, plaque can harden into tartar, leading to gum inflammation and infection.

One of the early signs of gum disease is bleeding gums. If you notice blood while brushing or flossing, it is essential not to ignore it. Bleeding gums can indicate gum disease and should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage to your oral health. Treating gum disease at its earlier stages is far more cost effective with better results.

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Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Recognising the signs and symptoms of gum disease is crucial for early detection and prompt treatment. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it may indicate the presence of gum disease:

Bleeding Gums

One of the most common signs of gum disease is bleeding gums, especially during brushing or flossing. If you notice blood in the sink after oral hygiene routines, you should seek professional help.

Gum Recession

As gum disease progresses, it can cause the gums to recede or pull away from the teeth. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and an elongated appearance of the teeth.

Loose Teeth

Advanced gum disease can result in loose teeth or a change in how your teeth fit together when you bite or chew.

Swollen or Tender Gums

Healthy gums should appear pink and firm. If your gums are red, swollen, or tender to the touch, this may be a sign of gum disease.

Persistent Bad Breath

Gum disease often causes persistent bad breath (halitosis) that doesn’t go away even with regular brushing and mouthwash use.

Specialist Gum Treatment in Coventry

We specialise in providing comprehensive gum treatment at Shiraz Endodontic Practice, located in Solihull. Our team of experienced dental professionals offer tailored treatment plans to address each patient’s specific needs. We are dedicated to helping you regain optimal gum health and maintain a beautiful smile.

Bleeding Gums Treatment

If you’re dealing with bleeding gums, it’s essential to seek professional bleeding gums treatment promptly. Our skilled dental specialists will thoroughly examine the underlying cause of your bleeding gums. We will then develop a personalised treatment plan to address the issue and prevent further complications.

Gum Infection Treatment

Gum infection can cause discomfort and negatively impact your oral health. Our dental practice in Solihull can help those seeking effective gum infection treatment. Our expert team will assess the severity of the infection and recommend the most suitable treatment options, including deep cleaning, antibiotics, or other advanced procedures (Flap Surgery, Tissue-stimulating Proteins, Bone Grafting, and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)) if necessary. Our goal is to eliminate the infection and restore the health of your gums.

Expert Gum Specialists in Coventry

When it comes to your gum health, you deserve the expertise of our dedicated team of specialists. Our dental professionals have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating gum disease. We stay updated with the latest advancements in periodontal care to ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of treatment.

Gum Treatment Options

Professional Dental Cleaning

Our periodontal specialist performs a deep clean on the surface of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing inflammation and promoting gum health.

Scaling and Root Planing

In cases of early-stage gum disease, we recommend scaling and root planing. This removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline and smooths the tooth roots, allowing the gums to reattach to the teeth.

Antibiotic Therapy

We may prescribe antibiotics in addition to gum treatment to combat infection and promote healing.

Gum Surgery

In advanced cases of gum disease, surgical intervention may be necessary. Our gum specialists are skilled in performing various surgical procedures to effectively treat gum disease.

Ongoing Maintenance

We emphasise the importance of regular check-ups and cleans with your general dentist or hygienist to maintain healthy gums and prevent the recurrence of gum disease.

Why Choose Us for Gum Treatment?


Our team of gum specialists has undergone extensive training in periodontics. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in gum treatment to provide you with the best care possible.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilise state-of-the-art technology, including Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Patient Comfort

We understand that dental visits can be anxiety-inducing for some individuals. That’s why we offer sedation options, including oral and intravenous (IV) sedation, to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your gum treatment.

Personalised Care

We believe in providing personalised care tailored to your unique needs. Our gum specialists take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a customised treatment plan to address your specific oral health needs.

Restore Your Gum Health

Don’t let gum disease compromise your oral health. If you’re experiencing bleeding gums or suspect a gum infection, visit our experts at Shiraz Endodontic Practice in Solihull, near Coventry for expert gum treatment. Our gum specialists are dedicated to restoring your health and helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for bleeding gums or gum infection treatment.

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I just want to say thank you for making me feel at ease last Friday during my Re-Root Canal. I can’t actually believe how pain-free it was so thank you for getting me through it.

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“I would like to apologise for getting a little emotional when I recently attended your practise. I was so grateful and appreciative for all your efforts and the hard work you carried out. You cannot imagine what it means to me. I would like to wish you and your team a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year. Once again, many thanks and best wishes.”

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Overall great experience with Dr. Nida at Shiraz Endodontics. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and explained everything clearly. She did a thorough oral examination on my molar, and I felt at ease during the consultation. The practice itself is conveniently located within Solihull, with onsite car park. I highly recommend Dr. Nida to anyone who needs an endodontist in the Midlands.

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